Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What can beat the aroma of fresh home-made bread? NOTHING!

When entering a super market, we often experience the aroma of freshly baked breads and bakery items. It is that smell which tempts you to buy some even if you don't need them. Nothing can beat that aroma and atleast thats true for me. Although Sunday (or Friday here in KSA) is a lazy day but at the same time, I want to have something special for breakfast, an elaborate family meal. I do try lot of breads and rolls but I have to 'plan' them out due to time required to rise, roll and again rise the dough. Since I have discovered this recipe, I make this very often for two reasons, its super quick and tastes awesome. Though I am not an expert in bread making chemistry but I have a feeling that a little baking powder in this recipe does the trick. You have to try this recipe if you are yet to break your yeast fear and also to treat your family with something special. Sacrifice one hour of your off day and result -  super soft, airy, light bread rolls which you can munch on whole day, well worth right?

I stumbled upon this recipe when one of my other overnight bread recipe turned out a disaster the next morning and hubby was adamant to eat home made bread that day. 
Serve it right out of the oven with butter (slightly salted), cheese, labneh (greek yogurt) and ofcourse tea/orange juice. Consider yourself warned, this is addictive. This recipe is adapted from a great blog Tea and Wheaten Bread and she has some great posts on breads and rolls. Thanks Granny [can I call you so??] again for sharing this wonderful recipe. This recipe goes to Susan who conducts YeastSpotting.

Soft and Simple Bread Rolls
adapted from Tea and Wheaten Bread

Flour (all purpose flour) 2.5 cups
Yeast 1 tsp (instant or granules)
Warm water 7 fluid ounces [I take it as needed]
Dried milk powder 1/2 tbsp [or use 100ml milk plus 100 ml water mixture, didn't try this]
Vegetable Oil 2 tbsp
Sugar 1 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Baking Powder 1/8 tsp

1. For yeast: If you are using granules, places yeast, 1tsp extra sugar and little warm water approx. 2 tbsp in a small bowl and leave to froth for about 10 minutes until pale and foamy. If you are using instant yeast, skip this step.
2. Although the original recipe call for a different method, I made it in my own way. Turned out great nevertheless. 
3. Place all ingredients including frothed yeast in a large bowl or food processor or stand mixer if you have with dough hook or blade.
4. Mix all very well, if you are doing with your hands it will be a little messy but thats alright.
5. Start adding warm water and you have to add enough water to make a VERY soft dough. The consistency of the dough is directly proportional to the softness of bread. If it gets too sticky, sprinkle some more flour until everything is smoothed out and you have a very soft, smooth dough by kneading it a little.
6. Place in a greased bowl to rise for 15-20 minutes covered in a warm place. If you have winters, put it in oven which was on a while ago or place it near burning stoves.
7. Punch down to knock out air and make 6 small smooth balls. 
8. Arrange them in a 5-petal flower shape in an 8 inches round cake tin which has been greased lightly. 
9. Cover and let it sit to rise again for 30 minutes. 
10. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 20-25 minutes at gas mark 4 until golden brown. You can put under grill for 1 minute if the top is still white and bottom is done.


  1. I totally agree, someone needs to invent "fresh bread" perfume LOL. Beautifully done. I wish i could have some of this with a bit of butter :D

  2. My husband loves when I make bread at home - the smell just lingers in the house for hours!

    Will definitely try these!

  3. Mmmm...You're right! Nothing beats the aroma of freshly-baked bread. Those rolls look divine. Now I'm hungry. Happy Baking!

  4. thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments.
    Cathy, i loved your site, didnt find way to leave comment though, great work lady


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