Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Orange Cake - perfect with a cup of evening tea

I know, I know, its been a long absence. I have been very busy with my cake decorating orders and if you want to have a look at them, check my Flickr album here. It was very hectic, 3 large cakes and 40 decorative cupcakes in a week. I was in my kitchen most of the time but it is really a source of contentment. Nothing can beat the fulfillment of passion. Lot of lessons are learnt with each cake and the more you practice, the better you get. I am still learning and I am loving each bit of it.

Coming back to my baby blog, I have a great recipe to share with you. Funny thing is that this cake was made way back but I didn't get time to post it. I usually don't bake with fruits but not too long ago, my Apple Cake and now this Orange Cake has compelled me to try more recipes with fruits. I loved both of them. Orange Cake has one more special ingredient, which I wanted to try out for a long time that is olive oil. Moreover, sour cream addition made it extra special and left people wondering, Did you make at home? and I am not bragging. This cake also reminded me of my childhood, when we used to live in Middle East and at airports they used to sell a cake piece wrapped in plastic. This cake turned out somewhat like that minus the nuts and raisins part. I also like this recipe since it is very quick to make and has no butter.

This recipe was adopted from The Cooking Photographer - a great looking blog run by Laura. She has some amazing pictures and recipes at her site. The title of this cake as posted by her was Orange Sour Cream Loaf Cake and the moment I read, I knew I had to make this. My pictures though, didn't turn out that great, they were a bit orangish/yellowish for which I have to understand the white balance (lots of learning going on). 

There are many followers of my blog back home in Pakistan and if sour cream is not available, you can try using yogurt [just drain extra water for a couple of hours and add 1-2 drops of lemon]. I have heard that works.

Orange Sour Cream Loaf Cake
Sour Cream 1 cup
Granulated Sugar 1 cup 
Eggs 3
Zest of 3 oranges
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Salt 1/4 tsp
Olive Oil 1/2 cup (extra light or extra virgin)
Baking powder 2 tsp
Flour 1 1/2 cup

1. Prepare a loaf pan, I used 8x3 inches. Grease well with butter and lightly dust with flour. Do this properly since the cake has no butter and it might get stick. Place a parchment or baking paper at the bottom to be sure that it doesn't stick.
2. Add all ingredients in a food processor except flour and process until mixed well.
3. Add in flour and pulse gently until just mixed. 
4. Alternately, you can repeat the above process with a hand-beater.
5. Pour the batter in prepared pan and level it.
6. Bake for about an hour at gas mark 4 until a toothpick comes out clean.
7. Wait for 10 minutes before turning it out on the plate.

For soaking the warm cake:
Freshly squeezed orange juice 1/3 cup
Granulated sugar 1 tbsp

Heat both together until sugar is dissolved for about 5 minutes and the syrup is clear. Cool it and pour over warm cake. 

Orange Glaze
If you want to make this cake extra special, frost it with some glazed icing. I didn't do this.

Powdered Sugar 1 cup
Freshly squeezed orange juice 2 tbsp

Mix together until uniform glaze is obtained. 


  1. Sooo soft and spongy..Really tempting...

  2. mmmm...delizioso!!! complimenti!

  3. the recipe looks so interesting, specially cuz of the syrup and the frosting suggestion tht u have given. and it looks just like the cake that i would love to have with tea. shuld be trying out soon Inshallah. :)

    ps: which brand sour cream do u use?

  4. thanks everyone,
    @ sania, i used Nada a local brand available here, i am sure it must be available in dubai also

  5. Hi Nadia this is Seema from Riyadh I just wanted to ask you if I can use labnah insted of sour cream,I think it's the same, sour cream is bit lighter and and less salty, but the same...love your recipes:)...keep on the good work!

  6. hey Seema,
    actually i researched about it and ppl say that labneh is greek yogurt and u can substitute it for sour cream. But the other day when i ran out of sour cream, i tasted both and there is lot of difference in texture n taste,as u said labneh is quite salty and dense whereas sour cream is sour and less salty. You can give it a shot but i cannot predict result.
    BTW sour cream is easily available in jazeera and tamimi from Nada.

  7. Hi Ms Nadia!

    Wow, looking at your baked goodies' photos in your Flickr, we saw how more beautiful your cupcake and cake decorations have become! Just look at those themed cakes and Valentine-themed cupcakes! Sooooo cute! And we're sure they're as delightful in their taste.

    Congratulations, Ms. Nadia and we're happy that you're continuing and improving your baking passion. :)


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